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Ross Companies Sponsor Earth Day Activites
Wednesday, 02 May 2012 14:01

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To build awareness of recycling and sustainability and to celebrate Earth Day 42, the Ross companies held several events for their associates and the community.

Centering around the celebration of Earth Day and the official theme for this year, ‘sustainability' the Ross companies sponsored a blood drive, two art contests, Goodwill collection, an associate photo contest and an electronics recycling collection.

Kicking off the celebration, our associates gave back with a truly renewable resource, blood! With the participation of 24 associates and the help of Lifeshare Community Blood Services, we were able to successfully give 23 units of blood. This donation will be used to help 96 individuals!

In addition to the blood drive, the Ross companies sponsored two art projects. Partnering with the Environmental Club at Midview High School, the Ross companies promoted a contest to create an item made by students that reused "trash" materials that would have otherwise been disposed of in a landfill. The kids came up with some amazingly creative ideas, one of which was the first place winner, a dress made of paper mache newspapers and magazines.

Another event sponsored by the Ross companies was the Green Crafts Contest. It was open to the children, grandchildren and step-children of the associates at the Ross companies. We received 16 entries. Our astonishment at the creativity in these kids only grew with each entry. From a desk pencil holder made from a phone book to a hydroponic herb garden made from light bulbs it appeared their imagination had no boundaries. All of these projects were then judged by an independent panel of associates. Three winners were chosen for the Midview High School Trash to Treasure contest and three winners from each of the three age groups were chosen for the Green Crafts contest. All of the entries can be viewed at the Grafton-Midview Library over the next several weeks or photos of all of the entries and the events can be viewed by visiting us on our Facebook page. Search for Ross Environmental Services!

The Ross companies again held our annual Goodwill Collection Drive, which holds a special place near and dear to the heart of Art Hargate, President and CEO of Ross Environmental Services, Inc. who is a Board Member for the Lorain County Goodwill. In previous years, we successfully collected close to 100 bags of items to be donated to the Lorain County Goodwill. This year we are pleased to report that through wonderful motivation, passion and the desire to help others, the Ross companies associate's donated 200 bags worth of donations. That is more than double over last year!

Our associates then picked up their cameras and went out to answer one simple question, "Can I take a picture that conveys the Earth Day theme of sustainability?" A dozen pictures later, we had our winners. Third place was of a beautiful pre-dawn picture of a sustainable energy source, the Sun, over Grafton Township.

In order to ensure that any obsolete electronic were appropriately recycled, the Ross companies held an Associate E-waste collection. Together we collected 600 lbs. of electronics that were recycled rather than being thrown away.

We applaud all of those who participated in these activities and thank everyone who helped to make Earth Day 42 even better than the last. We know that the dedication, determination and commitment to sustainability that is instilled in all of our associates is further proof that What We Do Matters!

You can check out all of the events and the photos on our Facebook page.  You can also view the Green Crafts entries here.

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